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Sunday Evening 6:00
Room 11 - West Building

Gary Pauley, Senior Pastor

Every Bible passage is made up of words. There are some words that occur repeatedly through the Bible. Some of those words carry a lot of theological weight with them. Done carefully, word studies in Scripture can be a very helpful source of biblical understanding. Just think of words like exort, strive, glory, and majesty. A lot of truth is communicated through those words! Join us Sunday nights to hear more.  

Nursery services are provided.


Wednesday Evening 6:30
Room 11 - West Building

Gary Pauley, Senior Pastor

I preach for about 45 minutes on Sundays. I never completely exhaust all that is in a passage I preach! On Wednesday nights we look at the same passage from Sunday and go more in depth. We discuss what the passage means on a more practical level and take on problems/questions as a group in ways that can't happen during a sermon. Wednesday night also is a prayer meeting. 

Nursery services are available by reservation.

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Thursday Morning 9:30
Women's Bible Study
Fellowship Hall - East Building

Resumes September 2017



"Go, make disciples...."  These powerful words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 are meant for every believer.  The purpose of Christian Discipleship is to help you, as a follower of Christ, fulfill this Great Commission in your personal life. Christian Discipleship will guide you through the disciple-making process step-by-step and help you make the most of your time and effort in discipling new believers and others who need this vital training.  This is a 36-week class.  If interested, please contact the church office.