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Zoom course: 8 Lies About God That Sound Like the Truth.

Good lies are seductive. They draw, challenge, entice…and ultimately damage.

This Wednesday night group meets at 7pm. It is an eight week class based on the book by Jared Wilson (of Midwestern Seminary). The lies to be discussed are mentioned below. No…you don’t have to get the book to participate! The topics are relevant enough to discuss without having read the chapters—though it is a good read! Kindle edition, $9. Check it out here.

This is a Zoom-class. Request an invitation .

Intro class: May 6

Lie 1: God Just Wants You to Be Happy (May 13)

Lie 2: You Only Live Once (May 20)

Lie 3: You Need to Live Your Truth (May 27)

Lie 4: Your Feelings Are Reality (June 3)

Lie 5: your Life Is What You Make It (June 10)

Lie 6: You Need to Let Go and Let God (June 17)

Lie 7: The Cross Is Not About Wrath (June 24)

Lie 8: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (July 1)

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