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Only two kinds of people.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Rashad Hussain is the new U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. He was confirmed by a Senate vote of 85 to 5. Hussain was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Thursday (Dec. 16) by an overwhelming vote of 85 to 5. Hussain has degrees in philosophy, political science, and...

the Mission

Posted by Gary Pauley on

When I first came to FBC Shawnee we worked through the first 12 chapters of the book of Acts. Acts is the story of the early days of the Christian movement…those experiences will be showcased in the new series of studies on Sunday mornings. I am calling the series “The...

A Subversive Little Christmas

Posted on

Article from "For the Church" (www.ftc.co) It was January 22, 1984. If you were old enough to stay up and watch Super Bowl XVIII, you may remember the moment. During a third-quarter commercial break, Apple aired a blockbuster advertisement, promoting the release of the first Macintosh...

Not quite Christmas.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Seems whenever a holiday rolls around with a Christian theme (Easter, Christmas) some conversation will take place about the historical ties of that holiday to some pagan celebration. I personally don’t see what difference all of that makes to us today. Much of the historical trivia is...

What can we say about 'spiritual warfare'?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Spiritual warfare.  Few topics have spawned as many whacky and speculative ideas as this one. Naturally the idea draws interest and fuels the Stan Lee imagination in us all. But when I read the books and articles I am left wondering how much is real, and how much is just...

Religion that nearly drove Luther mad.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

It nearly drove him mad.  As a monk, Martin Luther agonized over the state of his soul. A particular strand of late Medieval theology had taught him that his relationship to God depended on him “doing his best.” The gospel that Luther was taught depended on him, not God. One of...

Risking the Will of God?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Paul wrote that the transformed mind helps the believer know what the will of the Lord is (Rom. 12:2). Jesus taught that only those who “do the will of my Father” will enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt. 7:21). Both Jesus and Paul spoke of discerning God’s will as a basic axiom of...

Sermons on tough topics

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Russell Moore recently posted a good article on the Gospel Coalition website (read it here). The article talks about the dysfunction of being drawn to controversy, as we use say, “just for controversy’s sake.” While it is certainly true that many controversies are unavoidable...

SBC relief in New Orleans

Posted on

  In photo: Louisiana Baptist Missions and Ministry Team Leader John Hebert (left, hat), Celebration Church Lead Pastor Dennis Watson (center, black shirt), Louisiana Baptist Convention President David Cranford (right, hat) and others were briefed about feeding operations by North...

IMB fights cruel realities in global cities

Posted on

In 2020, 4.3 billion people lived in cities – that’s 56% of the global population. By 2050, it is estimated more than two billion people will be added to that number. The cruel reality is that 86,765 city dwellers die every day without a relationship with Christ. These city...

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