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The sting of loneliness.

Posted on

About 25% of Americans struggle with loneliness.  Someone has said that isolation is time spent alone. Lonliness is the pain of time spent alone.  There are many reasons why Americans feel lonely. Our culture is losing "gathering places." Restaurants are closing their dining rooms...

Does church challenge your thinking?

Posted on

Sometimes church teaching has all the depth of a bumper sticker. Sometimes the bumper sticker is the better deal. That's sad, because the message of the church is of spiritual importance. It should leave us challenged, encouraged, and sometimes convicted.  On Sundays we are walking through...

It's not Hallmark.

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Well, it's not a Hallmark movie.  Many know what I mean. Hallmark type love stories (romcoms)  typically involve two people living in favorable conditions who unexpectedly fall in love. She may have a 6 figure job and he may be running an orchard (somewhere near Vancouver, BC!)--but...

New Year's...again??

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Yes. It's really hard to believe...but we are staring a new year. A long human tradition has been to face each new year with some degree of reflection and determination. Reflection on what went well and what did not...and determination to reboot with helpful resolve. It is a tradition that...

The Why of War.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

What is a Christian to make of war? Throughout the history of the church there have been times when war was embraced as God’s work. Other groups in other times rejected war and participation in it on moral grounds. Still, war remains with us with all of its loss, violence, and...

Sunday mornings

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Sunday mornings we are walking through the earliest accounts of the church--stories from 2000 years ago. After making three journeys into the world of his time, a man named "Paul" determined to make a splash in the most important city of the day: Rome. It was a bold goal, and the Christian...

Iowa church hurt by wave of US violence

Posted on

AMES, Iowa (BP) – Members and friends of Cornerstone Baptist Church are recovering after a shooting in its parking lot June 2 left three dead, including the shooter by his own hand. “… We are more than saddened by the events that transpired,” said a statement on the...

SBC in Poland

Posted on

(RNS) — In Chelm, Poland, a dozen miles from the Ukrainian border, a Baptist churchhas opened its doors to refugees since the Russian invasion began, offering a hot meal, clothing and place to stay. “As we watched news about the expected invasion,” Pastor Henryk Skizypkowski...

The Bad name of Dogma.

Posted on

Dogma has a bad name. In the religious world the word is often used to describe the random views of a Church hierarchy that others are required to believe, convinced or not. Dogma is seen a belief that is prescribed and demanded without question, and possibly without good reason. The word is...

Only two kinds of people.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Rashad Hussain is the new U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. He was confirmed by a Senate vote of 85 to 5. Hussain was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Thursday (Dec. 16) by an overwhelming vote of 85 to 5. Hussain has degrees in philosophy, political science, and...

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