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Our Easter Tradition

Posted by Gary Pauley on

So Easter comes to us by way of tradition. There is no mention in the Bible of Easter or of lent. Having said that, some kind of yearly acknowledgement of the resurrection is an ancient church tradition. From what we can tell, observance was varied and different tradition streams developed quite...

Easter message

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Most people think that the work of Charles Darwin merely led the church to reconsider its beliefs about creation and the first three chapters of Genesis. In fact, much more was going on than that. The way we look at history had already been challenged by the German Idealism of the 19th century...

All People.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

     I enjoyed Sunday’s study in Psalm 66. If you were with us on Sunday you remember that the writer calls for the earth and all its inhabitants to praise God. It is appropriate to do so because of who he is and because of his “awe-inspiring works” (3, 5). Of...

The New Absolutists.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

This is an interesting time. I grew up in a Fundamentalist church. Without going into a lot of historical detail, Fundamentalists were Bible believing evangelicals who were almost militant in their commitment to fight against a corrupt culture. They were driven to identify the evils of their...

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