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New sermon series: Living Water.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Theology is a massive field of study. There is comparative theology, systematic and biblical theology, and various types of cultural theologies. But theology proper is the study of God himself, his attributes, person, and works. When Christianity speaks of the person of God it reflects the...

On Baptism

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I was about twelve when I confessed Christ as Lord. I understood at least something of what that meant, and would for a lifetime learn more of its implications. This confession I made privately. I remember, it was a summer night and I was looking out the window near my top bunk bed. It is not a...

Coming Back.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

It has been good to see some of our friends returning to church. During the whole Covid ordeal there has been a lot of discussion about “doing church” without “going to church.” Frankly, those are both strange phrases. Biblically speaking, “church” is what we...

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