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Do Sundays leave you feeling spiritually rooted?

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Sometimes church teaching has all the depth of a bumper sticker. Sometimes the bumper sticker is the better deal.

Thats' sad, because the message of the church is of universal and spiritual importance. It should leave us challenged, encouraged, and even sometimes convicted. 

On Sundays we are going through a short little letter written by Paul to a new church. Paul knew that this church needed to build on the basics. They needed to understand what spirituality is really about. They needed to be challenged to apply spiritual truth to every area of their lives. So he wrote about some very basic things--and he wrote about them in a way that challenged the bumper-sticker religions of the day. 

Your faith should make you spiritually rooted. How is that going? 

Join us this Sunday and as we let Paul do the talking. He still has a lot to say about what is spiritually real in a world that is often content with slogans.



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