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Cup of ethics, anyone?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I was interested to hear (all day) about Starbuck’s day of training for employees. Of course ultimately this is a good thing. In my opinion it was way overplayed by the press...but that is how we do things, isn’t it?  It’s hard to believe that it needs to be said, but...

Water for Bakatade

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I am glad to share that we are within inches of the funds goal we had to begin the process of digging the well in Bakatade, Uganda! The villagers do not know this is coming, but they will soon. They may suspect something is up because a well engineer has been poking around the community in...

What is BridgeKC?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

First Baptist Church is more than glad to host a new ministry in the KC area. It is called “BridgeKC” and is a once a month worship opportunity that seeks to bring the nations together as ethnic churches gather together. BridgeKC has met twice and is hoping to include more groups in...

Showing items for 'April 2018'

New Series in James

Posted by Gary Pauley on

The old adage is that Christians are sometimes “so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.” This charge is resurfacing with a new generation. Many today feel that Christians are just doing their thing but not contributing to any solutions to the problems that plague us. If that is...

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