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The sting of loneliness.

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About 25% of Americans struggle with loneliness. 

Someone has said that isolation is time spent alone. Lonliness is the pain of time spent alone. 

There are many reasons why Americans feel lonely. Our culture is losing "gathering places." Restaurants are closing their dining rooms. Indoor malls have mostly disappeared. Families frequently move long distances away from one another. Many agree that social media and technologies have become a disappointing surrogate for real companionship and community. 

It is often said that loneliness is not just about being alone--that people who are not in isolation also sometimes struggle with loneliness. This is no doubt true, and always has been. Loneliness is complicated. Given this, here are a couple of ways church can help:

As a community. It is so true that our culture has no "square"--no plazas like Latin American countries, few "squares" as found in Europe. Post Covid life has even fewer public spaces than before. But the church is here. And full of great people, great families, and great friendships. 

As a resource to explore various "roots" of loneliness. Inward lonliness is a matter of internal isolation--a kind of nagging disconnectedness that might be described as spiritual (some call it "existential lonliness"). At church we are all about exploring what makes for spiritual soundness and health...and we would love to have you join us! 

Poke around on our site and get to know us a bit. Then join us for church this coming Sunday, 10:30am. 

It's time to fight back against the loneliness. We'd love to help. 

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