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Pastors' Table Feb 21

Gary, Michael and Ben talk about the value of a good seminary experience with Jacob Needham, pastoral intern.

The guys discuss the anxiety of our world today? How can and should Christians stand out in how we react to a world of chaos and threats?

Catch up on the latest going on with FBC ministries. Gary, Michael and Ben discuss upcoming trips and events.

Pastors' Podcast August 4

Gary interviews Ryan Ozias of Christ First Counseling Center about their expansion at the FBC campus.

Where are we headed in Ephesians? Gary and Ben discuss our path forward on Sundays. We also hear a little bit from Ruth Tisdale of Advice and Aid, as she tells Gary about an important upcoming event.

Gary interviews Zach Salsbury about Carver Baptist Bible College and Seminary.

Pastors' Podcast June 23

Gary, Michael and Ben discuss how a recent survey affirms that our culture is moving quickly away from biblical belief and the true gospel. How does this impact our gospel conversations inside and outside the church?

Gary, Michael, and Ben talk about listening to sermons. What are we trying to get done, and how do we make the most of it?

Pastors' Podcast May 4

Gary and Michael briefly discuss upcoming ministry items and teaching series.

Pastors' Podcast March 2

Gary and Ben chat with Michael Allen, who has just joined the FBC staff as Youth Director.


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