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Pastors' Podcast May 4

Gary and Michael briefly discuss upcoming ministry items and teaching series.

Pastors' Podcast March 2

Gary and Ben chat with Michael Allen, who has just joined the FBC staff as Youth Director.

Pastors' Podcast February 10

People are simply not attending church services as much any more. What do we do about that? Gary and Ben discuss this topic of Gary's recent blog.

Pastors' Podcast November 18

Gary and Ben are joined by our missionary friend, Dustin, to talk about church challenges in China and essential strategies.

Pastors' Podcast: April 14

Gary and Ben discuss current issues during Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders.

Changes In Church Ministry

Second podcast. Gary, Ben, and Russell discuss how church has changed in the past 30 years and how FBC will manage change into the future.

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