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Sunday mornings

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Sunday mornings we are walking through the earliest accounts of the church--stories from 2000 years ago. After making three journeys into the world of his time, a man named "Paul" determined to make a splash in the most important city of the day: Rome. It was a bold goal, and the Christian...

Not quite Christmas.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Seems whenever a holiday rolls around with a Christian theme (Easter, Christmas) some conversation will take place about the historical ties of that holiday to some pagan celebration. I personally don’t see what difference all of that makes to us today. Much of the historical trivia is...

Risking the Will of God?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Paul wrote that the transformed mind helps the believer know what the will of the Lord is (Rom. 12:2). Jesus taught that only those who “do the will of my Father” will enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt. 7:21). Both Jesus and Paul spoke of discerning God’s will as a basic axiom of...

Sermons on tough topics

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Russell Moore recently posted a good article on the Gospel Coalition website (read it here). The article talks about the dysfunction of being drawn to controversy, as we use say, “just for controversy’s sake.” While it is certainly true that many controversies are unavoidable...

New sermon series: Living Water.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Theology is a massive field of study. There is comparative theology, systematic and biblical theology, and various types of cultural theologies. But theology proper is the study of God himself, his attributes, person, and works. When Christianity speaks of the person of God it reflects the...

Easter message

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Most people think that the work of Charles Darwin merely led the church to reconsider its beliefs about creation and the first three chapters of Genesis. In fact, much more was going on than that. The way we look at history had already been challenged by the German Idealism of the 19th century...

Notes from Sunday's Message

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Since we were not able to meet together on Sunday, we are providing a simple note page from the passage Pastors Gary and Ben shared on Sunday (Nov. 15th): Philippians 4:8-9. Just click HERE for the notes.   

New Series in James

Posted by Gary Pauley on

The old adage is that Christians are sometimes “so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.” This charge is resurfacing with a new generation. Many today feel that Christians are just doing their thing but not contributing to any solutions to the problems that plague us. If that is...

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