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Pastors' Podcast February 10

People are simply not attending church services as much any more. What do we do about that? Gary and Ben discuss this topic of Gary's recent blog.

Gary interviews Eric Abisror about pastor training efforts in Argentina.

Pastors' Podcast November 18

Gary and Ben are joined by our missionary friend, Dustin, to talk about church challenges in China and essential strategies.

These days we are reminded more than ever of the importance of the gathered church, and how much we need our gospel-centered meetings. Gary and Ben talk about the heightened awareness of core biblical functions in these times of limited opportunities.

Many people have been hurt by the church at some point. How do you respond when someone starts to tell you their own story?

Gary and Ben discuss the latest regarding commissioning, Covid-19, masks, Uganda and a new preaching series.

How do we "keep our heads" in light of equipment failure, Covid-19 and racial tensions? The church must remember God's sovereignty and his mission for his church to be salt and light.

Gary and Ben discuss the latest updates on the re-open plans and the Minnicks.

Gary and Ben discuss FBC's commitment to expository teaching as the church prepares to gather onsite once again.

Gary and Ben discuss how we are able to meet onsite for worship on May 24, as well as the related issues of serving those in need and praying.


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