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Out of the heart.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

We have all been horrified at recent mass shootings, and stunned that in 2019 some of them are racially motivated. There are days when the news makes me feel like we are once again in the 1960s and that little progress has been made.  I recently read an article in which an author suggested...

Religious Violence??

Posted by Gary Pauley on

Probably all have heard about the recent bombings in Sri Lanka. As horrifying as that event was, it is not an incident in isolation. On Palm Sunday a Fulani attack on Christians in Nigeria at a baby dedication ended up with 10 dead, including children. The Sri Lanka attack is now purported to be...

What's In A Year?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

What's in a year? Well, obviously 365 days.  Those days can be hard or awesome...and probably 2019 will be a mix. We don't really get to chose everything that the year will bring (wouldn't that be nice?!)...but we do get to choose who we will be through it all.  Hopefully it does not...

Doing the same thing. Together.

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I was thinking recently about how differently the church can look…and still be the church. Even in my experience I have seen the church in a number of varieties: I have been in small, country sized churches. Sometimes one room. My grandfather pastored many churches like this and I...


Posted by Gary Pauley on

A handful of our youth are in Jamaica. Pastor Russell identified this trip as an opportunity for our young people to help on a field where there is need, and an opportunity to grow spiritually as they serve.  I was only 14 when I went on my first missions trip. It was too Peru. Our church...

Uganda Project Update

Posted on

June 26. The people of Bakatade village are drinking clean water for the first time ever. Thank you all who sacrificed to love this people. Thank you to WordWalk and Ministry Assist in Uganda. What a blessing to have served with all to make this difference!      June...

Cup of ethics, anyone?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I was interested to hear (all day) about Starbuck’s day of training for employees. Of course ultimately this is a good thing. In my opinion it was way overplayed by the press...but that is how we do things, isn’t it?  It’s hard to believe that it needs to be said, but...

Water for Bakatade

Posted by Gary Pauley on

I am glad to share that we are within inches of the funds goal we had to begin the process of digging the well in Bakatade, Uganda! The villagers do not know this is coming, but they will soon. They may suspect something is up because a well engineer has been poking around the community in...

What is BridgeKC?

Posted by Gary Pauley on

First Baptist Church is more than glad to host a new ministry in the KC area. It is called “BridgeKC” and is a once a month worship opportunity that seeks to bring the nations together as ethnic churches gather together. BridgeKC has met twice and is hoping to include more groups in...

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